Privacy Policy

ES and its employees take very seriously the privacy of your personal information. This internet Privacy Policy describes the ways ES gathers, uses and protects the personal information of visitors to our site, as well as borrowers whose loans we have guaranteed.

Information for all visitors to ES web sites
ES's vision is to be the premier source of information, financing, and assistance to help all families and students realize their educational and career dreams. In furtherance of this vision, ES hosts two web sites,

ES's web sites use "cookies" to enhance and personalize your visits to our sites. Cookies are bits of information that we place on your computer's hard drive to help you navigate and interact with the content of ES's sites more efficiently. Cookies remain active only while you have your internet browser open, expire as soon as you close your browser, and are not used to collect and store any personally identifying information. You may reject cookies by setting your browser options to inform you when cookies are set or to prevent cookies from being set. If you set your browser to reject or prevent cookies, you may limit the functionality we can provide when you visit our sites.

When you enter, you pass through a firewall ES uses for security purposes. As you pass through, ES may identify your Internet Protocol (IP) to track the origin of your Internet connection and the type of browser you use (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape). The IP address does not identify you personally. We store IP addresses in case we ever need to track a connection to its point of origin for security troubleshooting and analysis.

We do not collect personally identifying information from you unless you expressly provide it to us through your use of one of the services we offer on our Internet sites, such as Student/Parent Loan inquiry, ES Loans By Web, or through signing up for subscriptions to our publications. The information gathered through the use of these services is discussed in detail below. ES does not voluntarily share non-borrower's personally identifying information with third-party marketers.

ES does collect information about visitors to our web sites that is not personally identifying, and it includes domain name, pages visited, and length of user session. This information is used to analyze the usage of our web sites so that we may improve the usefulness of the sites.

When you sign up for a Shoptalk Online subscription, we collect name and e-mail address information which is added to ES's subscriber database and used to generate a mailing list for the Shoptalk Online electronic newsletter. ES does not voluntarily share any of this information with third parties.

When you sign up for ESmail, we collect e-mail address information which is added to ES's subscriber database and used to generate an e-mailing list for the ESmail information service. ES does not voluntarily share any of this information with third parties.

When school counselors register for the Counselors Network, we collect name and school-related information which is used to create a member directory available to other participating school counselors. Access to this information is password protected. ES does not voluntarily share any of this information with individuals or groups that are not members of the Counselors Network.

ES's Student/Parent Loan Inquiry product offers ES borrowers the ability to access a ES database for retrieval of information on their education loan accounts. In order to access this service, ES borrowers must enter their Social Security Number and date of birth. The information entered is used only to generate information from an existing database of borrowers. ES does not track the inquiries made through Student/Parent Loan Inquiry and does not record the information entered during a session.

ES's Online Employment Application offers web visitors the ability to apply for employment with ES. In order to complete the application process, individuals must enter their Social Security Number (SSN). The SSN is used to verify student loan status and as an identifier for administrative purposes only. ES does not voluntarily share this information with any third parties.

ES is subject to the Texas Public Information Act, which is commonly known as the Open Records Act. As a result, if ES receives an Open Records request for information that includes personally identifying information of non-ES borrowers, ES may be required by the Open Records laws to provide the information. ES is not allowed to ask about or consider the use a requestor might make of the information requested-it must provide the information unless it is determined by a ruling or decision of the Texas Attorney General to be excepted from public disclosure. ES borrowers' student loan information is confidential by law and will not be disclosed in response to an Open Records request.

We do not intend to collect information from children under 13 years of age. You must be over 13 to participate in Shoptalk Online or ESmail. If we learn that we have inadvertently collected personally identifying information from a child under the age of 13, we will promptly take all reasonable measures to delete the data from our system.

Information for ES Borrowers
ES's activities in connection with your education loans require our employees to access information regarding you and your account. We may have collected this information from a number of sources, such as applications, transactions, or credit reports. Your loan documents and the laws and regulations governing the FFELP set forth ways in which guarantors such as ES may, or are required to, use and share information about you. In certain circumstances when carrying out our duties under the FFELP, we are required to disclose your information, including personally identifying information, in connection with the administration of your education loan. ES does not share your personally identifying information with third-party marketers.

ES borrowers' student loan information is confidential by law and is not subject to disclosure pursuant to a request under the Texas Public Information Act.

ES engages in ongoing reviews of our privacy policies. The effective date of this policy is October 1, 2004. It replaces all prior online privacy policies posted or published by ES. We reserve the right to change our policies on privacy and the collection and use of information. ES's current online policy is always available at